Saturday, April 30, 2011

Best Websites to Find Mods

Last time I posted all of my favorite mods to use, but then I realized that some people may be looking for a different kind of gaming experience than me. So I'm now posting a list of best places to find Morrowind Mods with some pros and cons of each website.

Morrowind Mythic Mods - This website is home to many mod lists, such as Empirical Morrowind, which lists many mods that make the game more realistic, and the legendary Telesphoros' List o'mods! You can also find tutorials on making and installing mods and get advice on what to look for in a mod. It's really just about everything a beginning mod user could ask for!
I should warn you though, some of the links lead to websites that no longer exist. I guess life got in the way of a few of our moderators... :c

PlanetElderScrolls - PlanetElderScrolls has just about any mod anyone could ever want; plus news and updates about all the latest games. The website is fairly reliable, I've had no problems downloading files.
I do have one problem with this site, though; somehow the search feature seems awkward to me. Maybe it's just my computer, but whenever I search with the advanced Search feature, it does this:

Leaving me unable to read all of the description and tell if that is the mod I want.

Elric Melnibone - This has come to be my favorite site to find plugins. The site is easy to navigate and the download links always work. Not much else to say; it's just an extremely reliable place.

I hope this was helpful! Good luck in your hunt for mods~

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Listen to this playlist: Adventures in Morrowind

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Jack the Reaper's List of Essential Mods!

Most of these Morrowind mods are must-haves whenever I even think of playing the game- the rest are just really cool XD! Somehow, they just make the world feel right.~

BTW: You might be able to use all of these at once, but your computer better be pretty damn awesome!

Illuminated Windows - At night windows glow with candlelight from outside, during the day the windows appear lit up with sunlight from inside.
Better Bodies - Replaces the absolutely awful, segmented bodies with continuous ones.
Better Clothes - Changes the clothes meshes to fit with Better Bodies.
Changing Faces - Everyone in Morrowind now looks different from everyone else.
Weathered Signposts - Makes signposts readable from a distance.
Morrowind Visual Pack and Update - MVP Makes everything look pretty! :3
Children of Morrowind - Places child NPCs all over Vvardenfel.
Morrowind Comes Alive - Places random NPCs throughout Morrowind so that it seems more populated.
The Regulars - Sitting NPCs - Places sitting NPCs in taverns and bars.
Living Cities of Vvardenfell - Puts NPCs on schedules and locks doors at night.
NPC Move Comand - Tell someone to move out of your way.
Passive Healthy Wildlife - Not all wildlife will attack on sight now. Only if they're sick or bothered.
Alternate Beginnings - You could start the game in many different places- not on the prison ship as usual.
Necessities of Morrowind - Adds the need to drink, eat, and sleep.
Less Generic NPCs - Makes dialogue with NPCs less boring and scripted.
Tales of the Bitter Coast - Places several NPCs all over the bitter coast with quests for low-level characters.
Tales of Tel Branora - Same as Tales of the Bitter Coast, but around Tel Branora now.
At Home Alchemy - Allows you to activate alchemy apparatuses without adding them to your inventory.
Graphic Herbalism - When you collect ingredients, plants will change and appear to be missing the part that you gathered from it.
Wanderers of Solstheim - Places random friendly NPCs throughout solstheim to increase realism.
Wilderness Sounds Mod - The wilderness sounds more realistic.
Interior Weather - Lets you hear the weather when you're indoors.
Atmospheric Sound Effects - More sound effects for Morrowind.

Music additions:
The Epic Soundtrack

Update 04/24/11
I forgot about these ^_^'
More Better Clothes - Finishes the rest of the clothes that weren't finished in Better Clothes.
Canadian Ice's Robes  - Neither of the Better Clothes mods bother to redo the robes, so here's a mod that does that. Two mods, in fact. You can choose whichever you like best and there's even an option to customize. I prefer NioLiv's version mahself~
Better Deities: Azura, Vivec, Almalexia - Makes the deities around morrowind look better.
Correct UV Rocks  - Replaces the meshes for rocks so that there are no seams visible. This isn't a very important one unless you're planning on using High resolution textures like the ones in MVP above. This is only changes the meshes, so it shouldn't conflict with any graphics replacer you use.
Bloodmoon Landscape Overhaul - The Bloodmoon version of MVP.
Better Books - Replaces the book textures with better ones.
Better Music - Complete overhaul of the way music works in Morrowind.

I felt inclined to add some instruction lest you totally screw up your game and have to reinstall it. If you are going to download Morrowind Visual Pack IN ADDITION to any other graphics replacer, install Morrowind Visual Pack FIRST. If you don't, there may be major conflicts.